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The group at the 36th Australasian Polymer Symposium!

The Soft Matter Chemistry group has had a big presence at the 36th Australasian Polymer Symposium (36APS), held at the Mantra Lorne, Victoria, Australia. We had contributions from:

  • Stuart Thickett - 2 talks, one on high glass transition temperature fluoropolymers, the other on the design on inverse poly HIPEs

  • Guo Hui Teo - a poster on polymer-inorganic hybrid nanoparticles by PISA

  • Amin Khodabandeh - a talk on understanding the surface chemistry of RAFT-stabilized polyHIPEs

  • Dr Florent Jasinski - a talk on gradient polymer nanoparticles

Stuart also was the theme leader of the Advanced Polymeric Materials and Nanocomposites theme.

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