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New Article in Chemical Reviews - We're on the Cover!

The manuscript was three years and three months in the making but the wait (and work!) was worth it, with the recent publication of our review on controlled/living radical polymerization (CLRP) in dispersed systems published in the most recent issue of Chemical Reviews. The article is also featured on the cover!

The manuscript was co-authored by Professors Per Zetterlund (UNSW), Sébastien Perrier (Warwick), Élodie Bourgeat-Lami (Lyon) and Dr Muriel Lansalot (also Lyon). Given the recent explosion in research interest in performing CLRP (such as RAFT, nitroxide or ATRP) in dispersed systems to create well-defined nanoparticles, this article should be of wide interest to the polymer community.

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