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Two New Published Articles in JPSA!

We love the Journal of Polymer Science Part A here at the Soft Matter Chemistry Group, as we have recently had two more manuscripts published in the journal!

In work that was conducted by PhD candidate Yasemin Fadil at UNSW, we report a method of preparing homogeneous nanocomposite films consisting of a film-forming polymer (styrene-co-butyl acrylate) with graphene oxide present in the structure, prepared by miniemulsion polymerization.

In the second manuscript appearing in JPSA this month, post-doctoral associate Dr Florent Jasinski leads recent work in the design of glassy gradient polymer nanoparticles prepared by power feed emulsion polymerization. Florent shows us that monomer feed order is particularly important to preserve the desired particle morphology, based on thermodynamics of the two monomers in question.

Well done to everyone involved on getting your work published!

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