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Welcome to the Soft Matter Chemistry Research Group website. The group is Ied by Dr Stuart Thickett -  Senior Lecturer in polymer chemistry in the School of Natural Sciences (Chemistry) at The University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia.


Our research focuses on the physical chemistry of soft matter, specifically polymers, colloids, nanoparticles and thin films. We are interested in the underlying kinetic and mechanistic phenomena that govern such systems, with the goal of using this knowledge to create new materials with specific properties and attributes. Our research has a multidisciplinary focus, utilizing advanced polymer synthesis, surface and interfacial phenomena, as well as colloidal and particle interactions in a variety of settings.


The ultimate goal of this research is to translate this fundamental understanding into a real-world setting, with the development of polymeric and colloidal materials for industrial, biological and medical applications. In order to do this, we collaborate with chemical engineers, biologists and biomedical engineers, as well as industry partners.

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