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Two New Publications to Kick off 2018

2018 has started with a BANG! for the Soft Matter Chemistry Group!

Two new publications are now available online from work performed by former group member Dr Amin Khodabandeh (now UniSA) and current group member Guo Hui Teo.

Amin's PhD work was recently published in the RSC journal Polymer Chemistry in the article Morphology control in polymerised high internal phase emulsion templated via macro-RAFT agent composition: visualizing surface chemistry, which can be found here.

Guo has just had the second publication from his PhD studies published in JPSA - investigating the self-assembly of alkoxysilane based block copolymers. The article Self-assembly of block copolymers with an alkoxysilane-based core-forming block: A comparison of synthetic approaches can be found here.

Well done both of you!

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